Predictions for a Trump Presidency

1) He will give tax cuts to his fellow wealthy people.

2) More economic collapse – his only policy is to give more money to wealthy people and try to force US companies to work in the US. Probably he will give up on the second. The first never works.

3) More spending on the military.

4) Trump companies will benefit from government contracts and policies, as will Trump family members.

5) US debt will soar.

6) He will use the courts and the FBI etc to pursue people who disagree with him or challenge him. In practice free and critical speech will decline. Critics are traitors.

7) Life for minority members (such as women 🙂 will become more awkward and fraught. As his policies fail he will likely allow increase persecution of minorities as a distraction.

8) Climate change and wild weather will get worse, but he will not admit this. He will allow the Keystone pipeline through as he has money invested in it.

9) As the US will not be regarded as a reliable ally, China will increase in power and influence. Putin will be largely free of constraint.

10) Major war within the first term because Trump escalates and threatens continually, and it acts as a distraction from his failures. Plunder is good too.

11) He will start Trump news or state propaganda if he does not get unrelentingly positive coverage. It will get special benefits. Rupert Murdoch will be annoyed at his potential loss of market. In the old days this would mean Trump would be subject to a constant barrage of attacks and wilt (Trump cannot cope with not winning). Murdoch is now less involved, so who knows what will happen here.


One Response to “Predictions for a Trump Presidency”

  1. cmandchaos Says:

    Sorry pessimist as I am, even I didn’t think that he would talk about appointing corporate lobbyists to his cabinet…. I thought his voters would be really hostile to that.. have to see what results here.

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