Disturbance in the rank

Deposed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is continuing his campaign of not sniping or undermining his government, and indeed, as he suggests, it might be a good idea to discuss right wing policies and why they could be unpopular – but lets discuss the real ones:

1) Boosting the wealth of the already wealthy

2) Cutting the income of everyone else

3) Making government services punitive, unless you are handing public property or service to the ‘private sector’

4) Doing nothing about climate change, as that might conflict with one and two.

5) Removing regulations which try to make people in corporations vaguely responsible for what the corporation does.

6) Trying to hide the effects of the real policies on ordinary people, by attacking ‘outsiders’ such as: Muslims, gays, refugees, ‘intellectuals’.

7) Blaming the media when people on the right look incompetent, even when the media is on their side.

8) Breaking out the Champaign whenever they succeed in (2)

What surprises me, is that supposed contemporary ‘conservatives’ do not seem to believe in conserving much.

They don’t want to conserve the checks and balances that have evolved to protect traditional values and life from business. They don’t want to preserve the environment, ecology and beauty of the countryside from the ravages of business. They don’t want to preserve the climate of the last 10,000 or so years. They don’t want to preserve the ability of people to get a decent education if they are not wealthy. They don’t want to preserve government from corruption by business. And so on.

They certainly never talk as if they do.


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