Why do the right hate science? I

We all know that right wing governments and propaganda mills hate independent science. Science for war or corporate profit is ok, if still suspect, but independent science is considered biased and dangerous. Scientists should not speak, and they should have their budgets controlled by the righteous. We are told they are part of a world wide conspiracy to hurt ordinary people, or that they do research which is uncomfortable for the right only because of their greed for funding from largely unnamed sources and so on.

For anyone who has known scientists, this is obviously a load of rubbish. Scientists are lousy at organization; the idea that you could pressure 95% or more scientists to agree on something for money, especially when money is so available for disagreeing with that something, is just ludicrous.

So why has science become problematic?

I will argue that this largely has to do with the inevitable failure of neoliberal ‘free market’ policies over the last 40 years, the need to distract people, and the need to lead them away from any real knowledge, or even converse with people who might have knowledge.

The argument proceeds by considering

a) Uncertain social science
b) Medical and climate science
c) Religion


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