Monlogue from my latest novel in progress:

“The cliché is that the monsters hide in the countryside in some remote village, where everyone is supposedly inbred and stupid. But what’s the point of hiding away if you want power, or efficacy? It’s pointless. Vampires if they existed would be in Washington, Moscow and Beijing. They’d be in General Electric, Exxon, and Sinopec. Plenty of ambitious food, and they could control or remove anyone who might oppose them. So, even if they started in the country, I’d expect they would work up the food chain, and use each person they controlled to take over someone bigger in the hierarchy – until they controlled the world. And few of us would notice. It might explain why our ruling class refuse to do anything about climate change. Because the aliens like warmer conditions, and they don’t care how many humans die in engineering them. There’ll be some left and they may be more disorganised given the catastrophes, and so easier to control….”


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